ESL LP & Worksheets: Rooms and Furniture at Home & a Hotel


A worksheet with a wide range of exercises to teach vocabulary about rooms, furniture and talk about accommodations. Lesson plan included.


This lesson plan deals with the topic rooms and furniture. It can be taught at high A1 level or used for revision at A2/low B1 levels.
The bundle consists of three pdf files:
– a lesson plan, – student’s worksheet without answers,
– teacher’s worksheet with answers.
The materials offer the possibility to introduce or revise the following grammar structures: there is/are, the indefinite article (a/an), plural forms, countable vs uncountable nouns (armchairs, furniture).
All this can be expanded to speak about different types of accommodations, like hotels and B&B.
The worksheets end with a video-challenge: comprehension questions to a real-life video review about a B&B.
You can use the lesson plan for both, in-class and online teaching.


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