ESL LP & Worksheets: Work Out Wherever You Are



This is a multi-skill lesson plan teaching and revising vocabulary linked to the topics ‘gym’ and ‘work-out’. It follows the methodology of the so-called ‘flipped classroom’. Students are expected to do some pre-lesson task and the lesson is based on this pre-study.

In this case, students need to work through a longer podcast with some interactive exercises to familiarize with the vocabulary used in the gym. The worksheets expand this topic to ‘home exercise‘ and ‘work & fitness‘, providing two reading tasks and one listening task (a TED Talk about walking meetings).

The lesson focuses mainly on vocabulary (working out and parts of the body). The minimum recommended level is intermediate/B1, though it can be expanded to higher level conversations.

The worksheet offers multiple extension tasks, so you can choose some exercises to cover a 90-minute lesson, but you can also spread the materials out over more than one lesson.

You will download three pdf-files:
– lesson plan with instructions
– student’s worksheet
– teacher’s worksheet


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