ESL LP & Worksheets: Simple Past Irregular Verbs


A bundle consisting of a video-based lesson plan and two versions of the worksheet to teach or revise irregular verbs in simple past.


This lesson plan was originally created for a YL class (10-year old kids), but also adults might find the videos engaging. The aim of this lesson is to introduce or revise irregular verb forms in simple past to A1/A2 students.
If purchasing this product, you will receive three documents:
– a lesson plan,
– a student’s worksheet and
– a teacher’s worksheet with the answers.

The lesson plan is based on two short videos: an animated short film (Snack Attack) and a scene from Kung-Fu Panda 2 (both of them available on YouTube).

Students are also offered interactive exercises to memorize irregular verbs at A1-A2 level (external link to a Scratch animation).


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