ESL LP & Worksheets: Simple Past Regular & Irregular Verbs


An A2 lesson plan with two versions of worksheet about simple past regular and irregular verbs. Ideal for online lessons.


This lesson plan revises regular and irregular verbs in simple past form. It can be used at A2 level, but there are extra materials proposed for irregular verbs at B1 level.

You can find the following documents in the folder:
– lesson plan (pdf)
– student’s worksheet (pdf)
– teacher’s worksheet (pdf)
– an editable interactive worksheet (Google form) with a song.

The worksheet offers tasks to an animated short film ‘Paperman’ (as a visual input, since the film is voiceless) and to a song (River Deep – Mountain High by Celine Dion, available on an external Google Form).

The main focus is on questions: the grammar analysis provides a useful list of all question forms students should be familiar with at A2-B1 level.

The length of a lesson can vary from 55 minutes to 90 minutes (including all extra tasks).


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