Three Interactive Worksheets to Explained/Netflix


Assign episodes from Explained (Netflix documentary) for homework and follow up with these editable interactive worksheets.


This package of interactive worksheets are perfect for online courses, but also feasible in face-to-face lessons withuniversity students, adult students or company courses at B1+ levels.

Students need to watch one-one episode of the Netflix documentary series ‘Explained’ (Dogs, Apologies, Diamonds) before the lessons. They can work on the worksheets while watching, but you can also use these worksheets to conduct conversation lessons afterwards.

The worksheets are interactive and editable (Google Forms), they assign a score after submitting it, but some of the questions are open questions (no right/wrong answers), which are a great opportunity to have a dialogue about real events and their interpretations in any culture.

To see what these worksheets look like, take a look at this interactive worksheet discussing the episode about Sugar.


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