ESL Slides For Kids & Teens: Christmas Taboo Cards


Looking for a nice YL activity before the Christmas holidays? These taboo cards might be right for you and your class.


This is a set of 27 lexical items linked to Christmas from Santa Claus & Christmas tree over bells & angels to Christmas pudding & snowflake.

There are two files attached: a Google Slide and a pdf file.
You can use the game in your classroom or in an online course.
You can play the game in your last lesson before Christmas with children from 6 to 14.
Every slide/page displays a word to explain (with a picture to help) and three taboo words which the students cannot say while explaining the target word.
Students can play in groups and have one minute to explain their word to their classmates. After the minute, every other group can guess. Who guesses the word, gets a point.
You can also use this exercise in pair-work: students need to explain as many words as they can to their partner (who has to guess) in one minute.

NB: All pictures are free to use for commercial reasons without attributions from Many thanks for the courtesy.


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