Exit Tickes for Young Learner, Teen and Adult Classes


Insert these interactive exit tickets into your teaching routine to get regular feedback from your students. Great wind-down task.


Exit tickets are very useful to evaluate your own job, reinforce/improve the way you prepare/conduct your lessons and understand your students’ feelings and perception. It can become part of your weekly or monthly routine with your classes.

In this package, you can find three questionnaires (Google forms) you can send to your students in order to understand what they enjoyed/disliked in your lesson. You can also check on what they learnt and what exercises they found particularly hard.

The questionnaires consider also the student’s mood: a happy student expresses their opinion more positively, while a confused one might be hard on the teacher/lesson.

The questionnaires slightly differ considering the target age (Young Learners, Teens or Adults).

You can customize the questions, add extra ones or choose the ones you find the most relevant.

Students can fill in their answers in the last five minutes of the lesson (on computers, tablets or their smartphones), but you can also assign this feedback questionnaire for homework.

The forms don’t collect email addresses, which means that they are anonymous. In order to understand quickly the general evaluation, you need to take a look at Responses/Summary or – more in detail – Responses/Question.


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