Halloween Activity Booklet for 6-12-year old kids and teens


– Halloween picture dictionary and lots and lots of fun activities for small and big kids;
– Tips for teachers: Halloween games, writing workshop tasks, etc;
– Teach grammar (simple past, present perfect, hypothetical situations) with Halloween vocabulary.


This is a 30-page Halloween activity booklet for ESL teachers teaching 6-12-year old kids and pre-teens. Some of the exercises (writing tips, conversation task) are also suitable for teen classes.


VOCABULARY: bat, black cat, blood, broom, candy, castle, cauldron, cemetery, coffin, costume, dragon, ghost, grave, graveyard, hat, haunted house, jack-o-lantern, magic wand, monster, mummy, potion, pumpkin, scarecrow, skeleton, spider, spiderweb, tomb, tombstone, trick or treat, vampire, werewolf, witch, zombie

GRAMMAR: present simple to talk about daily routine, present continuous vs gerund as an adjective, simple past regular and irregular verbs, present perfect ‘Have you ever…?’, would + infinitive for hypothetical situations

The exercises vary from exam tasks (Cambridge YL Starters, Movers, Flyers) to tips for teachers about games and skill training.

You can find the following task types in the booklet: a picture dictionary, scrambled words, picture-based yes/no questions, logical/math problems, a secret message, tongue twisters, rhymes, a story practising simple past verbs (regular and irregular), guided colouring and drawing, 6 monsters’ daily routine, a conversation task (Haunty Emma), I Spy, battleship to practise difficult letters and numbers, story-writing tips, questions with ‘Have you ever…?’ and ‘Would you…?’, sentence transformation from present simple (the witch is cooking) to gerund as an adjective (the cooking witch). The booklet contains a short list of Halloween games and closes with an exit ticket.

Mind: The exercises don’t follow a strict logic, you can take some exercises and use with one class, while others will suit to another class. The booklet is a collection of possible tasks, activities and exercises.

Mind that the file is 5.5MB big and uses some special fonts (Garamond, Baskerville, Comic Sams Ms, Trattatello). Consider this in case you teach students with learning difficulties.


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