2+1 Films & Fun English Course: Teens


– Watch 2 films about teens in 2 weeks;
– Work on interactive or printable worksheets to learn or revise vocabulary;
– Complete an interactive or printable worksheet while watching the film;
– Activate new vocabulary while doing the optional writing task;
– Book your 45 minute online conversation lesson after Week #2.


You are choosing 2+1 Films&Fun course: TEENS, a movie-based English course.
– Get one study plan per week with vocabulary exercises, some grammar revision, exercises to do while watching the films about teens and a follow-up writing task (optional). See a sample watch quiz HERE.
Two weeks, two films to watch about teens: The films chosen deal with teenage-related topics: high school & college life, love, friendship, loyalty, reputation, social media, pressure and living up to expectations, etc.
– This course aims at teenagers and teachers/parents working with teenagers. The course is not only useful for language training, but helps participants step into teen shoes and understand their issues, conflicts and challenges at a deeper level.
– You need a NETFLIX account to be able to watch the films, however, they might be available on PrimeVideo, YouTube, Apple TV or many other platforms (often for payment).
– If you struggle with listening, you can use English subtitles.
– Work on interactive worksheets (with auto-corrections) or on printable worksheets (and correct your answers with the answer key).
Practise writing with a follow-up composition, essay or letter task.
– Read the teacher’s feedback on your writing with language corrections and suggestions on how to improve your English.
– After finishing Week #2, you have two weeks to book your conversation lesson.
Meet your teacher in a 45-minute conversation lesson online to talk about the watched films.
Email your teacher if you have any questions about the course content throughout the entire course.


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