Movement Task for kids/YL classes: Scavenger Hunt



Age: 7-12
ESL level: CEFR A1-A2
Type: one page with six cards (in pdf format)
Target language: names/description of toys/every-day objects with adjectives related to patterns (spotted, striped) or colour

Description of activity:
These cards were originally invented to break the sitting boredom of an online lesson with 10-11-year old students. In the middle of the lesson, students were given a list of items and had to find them in their apartment. The first one got a reward point.

This one-page material contains 3 easy and 3 hard list of items you can ask your students to find. Make sure, all objects are common in the country you teach in.

Mind: Language teachers always pre-teach vocabulary. However, this exercise is excellent to motivate students to ask you for help (in English): (Your name), what does spotted mean? Student might memorise these lexical items easier since they learn them in action.

Time: 6×5 min
Font: Comic Sans MS, Garamond


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