YL A2 Exam Prep Booklet: Flyers Speaking Part 2



Age: 7-12
ESL level: CEFR A2
Type: Cambridge Flyers Exam preparation (speaking exam, second part), 21 pages in colour and in pdf format (2.4Mb)
Target language: Answering questions with short answers, asking questions to get information

Description of activities: This is 21-page complex exam preparation materials. The aim of the exercises is to prepare for the Cambridge Flyers Speaking Exam Part 2. In this part, first the examiner asks 5 questions in random order and the candidate needs to answer them based on prompts in a table. Then the candidate is to ask questions (the same ones) to get information.

The worksheets contain both, the examiner and the candidates’ version and provide plenty of materials to practice question formation and simulate the exam part.

Time: 21 x 10 min
Font: Garamond
Note: Images supplied courtesy of PIXABAY (
All pictures are free to use also for commercial use without attribution.



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