YL Reading / Listening Worksheet – Snail House



Age: 7-12
ESL level: CEFR (Pre-)A1
Type: Guided colouring (1-page worksheet in pdf format)
Target language: Reading/Listening comprehension task
Description of activity: Students read a text about the physical appearance of a snail and her house and colour the picture based on the instructions. You can turn the exercise into a listening comprehension task by reading the text out loud to your students (make sure that they cannot see the text, e.g. by folding the sheet and using the printed text only in the checking phase).
The exercise prepares for the last part of the Listening exam of Cambridge Starters (Pre-A1) and Movers (A1).
Time: 15 min
Font type: Garamond
Image: Supplied courtesy of PIXABAY ( All pictures are free to use also for commercial use without attribution.


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