YL Worksheet – Living room differences



Age: 7-12
ESL level: CEFR Pre-A1 (Starters), A1 (Movers), A2 (Flyers)
Type: 1-page worksheet in pdf format
Target language: words linked to a living room (furniture)
Description of activity: Student’s see two versions of a living room (you can cut the picture into two pieces and make them work in pairs. The aim of the exercise is to find all differences in the two rooms. Students can simply compare the two rooms or they can listen to their partner’s description and state how their room is different.
This exercise prepares for the first part in Cambridge Movers (A1) and Flyers (A2) Speaking exam.
Time: 10 min
Font type: Garamond
Image: Supplied courtesy of PIXABAY ( All pictures are free to use also for commercial use without attribution.


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