YLA1 QA Speaking Task: Can questions about superheroes



Age: 7-12
ESL level: CEFR A1
Type: one page in pdf format to be printed and cut up into 25 cards
Target language: names and abilities of superheroes, can/can’t + infinitive

Description of activity:
Students work in pairs and get a set of cards with 10 superheroes and 15 abilities. Feel free to add any additional superhero skills onto the list. First students need to match the special skills with the superheroes. In a feedback session, ask them to pronounce sentences, such as Superman can fly, but Hulk can’t.
Then they can play Guess who in small groups with one set of cards: one student draws the name of a superhero and the others ask questions about him/her (e.g. Can he/she fly?). Who guesses the superhero first, gets a point. Think of a small reward for each winner.

Time: 15 + 10 min
Font: Bradley Hand, Garamond


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