YLA2 Info-gap Speaking Task: King Cards



Age: 9-15
ESL level: CEFR A2
Type: info-gap speaking task (2 pages to cut up into four play cards) + one completed chart in two versions (one in Font Luminari, the other one in Font Garamond), 6 pages in total (in pdf file)
Target language: language related to kingdom (name of imaginary kings), numbers (1-100), geography (country characteristics, weather) and warfare (allied countries, number of soldiers) + comparative and superlative adjectives

Description of activity:
Students work individually, then in pairs, then in four-some groups.
They receive one card each with two kings. First, they draw a picture of their kings. Then they compare their own kings, describing their characteristics. They can do this in written form, this way you can monitor them and make sure they can use the target language.
Example: Victorious Victor has more allies than Fearless Fred but has fewer soldiers than FF.

Following this, they imagine that they go to war against one partner and play their two cards against their partner’s two kings. Who would win the battle?

Finally, they get into four-some groups and find the strongest, the most intelligent, etc. kings.

Make sure that they don’t only look at each other cards, but tell their partners about their own kings.

NB: Before the tasks, you might need to pre-teach vocabulary and elicit comparative and superlative forms for the categories.

Time: 30+ min
Font: Luminari, Garamond


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