Scratch challenge for Cambridge Movers – Speaking Part 3

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Today let me show you – and challenge all Scratch coders – with a Scratch animation to practise for Cambridge Movers Speaking Part 3: Which one is different and why?

Cambridge Movers (A1) – Speaking Part 3:

For teachers preparing pupils for Cambridge Movers (A1):

Just click onto the green flag to start. There are ten sets of four pictures (only four in the real exam), you can go to the next set by clicking onto space on your keyboard.

For teachers/mentors/coders using Scratch:

This simple animation uses the free educational coding learning platform Scratch. Anybody using Scratch at home or at school, visiting a Code Club or as a member of a CoderDojo (and such as a Ninja) could re-make and/or re-design it.

This little project can be taught in Module 2 of a Code Club, when discussing costume changes and its possibilities. You can find the animation online HERE.

Good practice! Good coding!

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