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My children have received a toy which I find genial: it’s a story box where you can choose three variables of the story: the set (city, countryside, space, sea), the type of protagonists (animals, fantasy, jobs) and a situation (conflict, love, friendship, etc.). Once you defined the three categories, it tells you a story. Although the quality of the stories are not the highest, the idea is really good. So, it didn’t take long to find a way to adapt it to my English lessons – and my Scratch meetings. The idea was to provide inputs for a story students can make up (and write). By the way, it is an exam task at level A2 and B1.

Here is the final animation:

Instruction: Click onto the green flag and then onto SPACE. You will see a backdrop (where your story is set), a person (real or fantasy), an animal and an object.
Make up your story with them…

If you want to change the prompts, just keep clicking the space button on your keyboard. Once you found a great set, start thinking of a story.

This exercise is suitable to prepare for any story writing competitions or for Cambridge Flyers (A2 – Part 7: story writing based on three pictures) and Preliminary (B1 – Writing Part 2 – writing a short story).

When you have a great idea, feel free to write it down here:

I’ll be happy to read it and send feedback to you.

For Scratch fans: Find the link here and feel free to remake it.

Give it a go!

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