You can read, but are terrified of conversation in English? Speaking is harder than listening for you? You are on the right place.

Conversation in English

Language was invented to communicate, to conversate with other human beings.
So millions of grammar and vocabulary exercises are worth nothing if they are not put into spoken words.

The first step is to hear yourself, to hear your voice and listen to your words: words you often repeat, mistakes you often make, but also what great expressions you use appropriately and how you solve every-day blocks (e.g. not remembering a word).

Before you use grammar, you put words one after the other: so you need vocabulary.
Before you say words, you repeat them: care for your pronunciation. 
Before you talk, you reply: don’t speak, interact.


Why is it then, that you speak a lot with educated English speakers and yet, you are not improving? Well, there is no improvement without feedback. This is where teachers are still needed: to listen to you and remind you of the above. To give you appropriate and accurate language and make you practice it, rehearse it, rephrase it. Things, you might not want to do in real life, but be a master of it there.

This is where I could be of help:

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Presentation Skills in English


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