In Urgent Need to Find Colourful Fun YL Activity Books?

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Teachers often face the hard reality that their students cannot purchase text books or their schools require self-made materials. Many of us continue teaching online and need some visuals they can screen-share and which then engage their sitting students. Most of the times we prepare for YL exams, but lack enough materials and books with only sample tests are really monotonous to teach. All this can be solved with these booklets covering relevant topics, with a great amount of visuals, engaging and fun activities and integrated exam tasks (Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers). Take a look!

Home-made YL Listening Task – Animal Definition Game

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A quick listening activity you can prepare in 10 minutes for your YL classes to make them practise animal definition. BULLETPOINTS: Level: Pre-A1, A1 (Starters, Movers); Age: Young Learners; Group size: any; Aim: to train student’s ability to listen for keyword and identify animals or the order they are mentioned; Skill: Listening; Grammar: has got, can, to be; Vocabulary: describing animals; Length: 30 min; Preparation time: 10 min (print worksheet, think of sentences); Material: worksheet attached.