VIDEO QUIZ: Question formation (A2)

/ Intermediate, Pre-intermediate, Students

Find here two video quizzes to practise question formation at A2/B1 level: VIDEO QUIZ #1: QUESTION FORMATION In this video quiz, you can practise: Questions with to be:Example: Are you Italian? Who is he? Questions in present simple:Example: Do you work or study? Where does he work? Questions with what and which:Example: What is your favourite day of the week? (no options) Which is your favourite day of the week: Friday or Saturday? (with given options) Questions with a preposition:Example: Who do you work for? Subject questions:Example: Who said that? (no auxiliary verb necessary) Questions in simple past:Example: Did you

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A2 QUIZ: Question formation in English

/ Courses, Pre-intermediate, Students

Do you know how to make a question in English? Do the exercise below and let’s see: Loading… You might also like this post:– VIDEO QUIZ: Question formation (A2) WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO NOW? GO BACK TO GRAMMAR TASKS SEE MORE ONLINE EXERCISES TAKE THE ELT-TUTOR LEVEL TEST CONTACT ME

YL ONLINE LESSON PLAN – Daily routines

/ A1, Pre-A1, Teachers, Young Learners

January 2021 – Online lessons with Young Learners are challenging for many reasons: apart from problems with internet connection, tired eyes and the demotivating fact of not being really together with their peers, it also forces kids into a very passive sitting life style. You need to consider that kids are usually not really comfortable with opening different types of documents (pdf, doc, etc.) and it is also difficult for the teacher to monitor their written work (checking for spelling mistakes, for instance). In this post, I’d like to propose a lesson plan to teach daily routines to kids online,

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