A1 SONG: Simple past forms and present simple questions

/ Elementary, Students

An interactive exercise for A1 students: Learn and practise simple past forms and present simple questions with Elvis Presley’s famous song, ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight?’. Loading… WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO NOW? GO BACK TO GRAMMAR TASKS SEE MORE ONLINE EXERCISES TAKE THE ELT-TUTOR LEVEL TEST CONTACT ME

LESSON PLAN – Regular verbs in simple past

/ A1, A2, Grammar training, Teachers

December 2020 – This lesson plan introduces or revises regular verb forms in simple past. It’s target level is A1-A2. The exercises also revise vocabulary linked to ‘restaurants’, a lexical field students are often exposed to even at lower levels while traveling. The short video to watch is the end scene of the animated Disney/Pixar film ‘Ratatouille’. There are also materials included to practice pronunciation of the -ed ending and spelling.