In Urgent Need to Find Colourful Fun YL Activity Books?

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Teachers often face the hard reality that their students cannot purchase text books or their schools require self-made materials. Many of us continue teaching online and need some visuals they can screen-share and which then engage their sitting students. Most of the times we prepare for YL exams, but lack enough materials and books with only sample tests are really monotonous to teach. All this can be solved with these booklets covering relevant topics, with a great amount of visuals, engaging and fun activities and integrated exam tasks (Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers). Take a look!


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Teach vocabulary and grammar with Halloween slides to YL:In Italy, most language courses start in October, just before Halloween. This means that Halloween lessons are due to become grammar revision lessons. If you are teaching Young Learners at A1 level, you might need to revise nouns: 1) with indefinite article (a/an), 2) in plural forms,3) with adjectives (adjective-noun word order).Here’s a downloadable slide show combining these grammar points with Halloween vocabulary for 6-10-year-old YL students.

Revising clothes vocabulary with a Scratch challenge

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Talking about clothes is always a great opportunity to revise not only vocabulary linked to fashion, colours and shades, but also to recap the word order ‘adjective + noun’. Last but not least, it is also a great opportunity to play. In this post, I’d like to show you one Scratch animation and one follow-up activity for both, online and classroom lessons. The animation (Scratch challenge): Instruction: Click onto the green flag and after a while stop the animation with the red button (or the space key). Describe what Daisy is wearing. For Teachers: You can play this game with

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