TABOO Cards: Cambridge YL Starters, Movers, Flyers

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Cambridge YLE preparation books scaffold vocabulary in an excellent way: they don’t only teach the words/expression, but guarantee that these lexical items are revised several times over the year. Before a progress test or before the final exam, you might find some revision lessons useful and – above all – fun. One engaging way to revise vocabulary is to play TABOO.

This teaching material recalls the original TABOO game: the players draw a card where they can find a word to explain and some prohibited words they cannot use while explaining them. So the player with the card tries to explain the word without the Taboo-words to their team (they usually have 1 minute to do this). After their time is over, the other team(s) can guess what the word might be. The team who guesses it first, gets the point.

Here is a set of cards with most of the Flyers words: mind that functional words (question words, connectors, articles, pronouns, prepositions, etc.) have been taken out and not all adjectives/words are listed here. You can print the set, laminate the cards, cut them and reuse them in your revision lessons with Flyers with 285 words to explain (and three prohibited words for each of them):

You can find TABOO cards for Cambridge Starters and Movers in the ELT-TUTOR SHOP:


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