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November 2020 – My Superhero’s Typical Day is a lesson plan / idea how to teach and practise daily routines and third person singular to/with YL (kids aged between 6-10). This lesson plan is suitable for online lessons.
Your students should be familiar with the use of the modal verb can.


Ask your student to stand up if they can do the following things:
Can you: fly / shoot lasers / become invisible / be very strong / move or change heavy objects / run very fast / become anything / do magic / see through walls / travel in time / read and control other people’s mind / hear/see/smell very well / talk to animals / make force fields / use other super-powers?
Explain the meaning where necessary. Use this PICTURE DICTIONARY from mes-english if you like.


Go to this interactive worksheet: THIRD PERSON SINGULAR WITH A SUPERHERO. If you are in an online lesson, ask your student to share his/her screen with you.
First ask your students to type in their super-hero’s name (any name, there’s no right/wrong answer). Then ask your student to choose the super-powers for their super-hero. They can click any super-powers, all answers are accepted.

Tell your student that you are going to talk about a typical day in their superhero’s life. Elicit some typical activities during the day. Then ask your student to move to the second session of the worksheet and decide when they do the daily routine activities listed. They can choose anything, however, at the end they’ll see the typical (and recommended) times for these actions (for a child).


At this point, you should introduce or revise how you conjugate a verb. If you don’t have any materials ready, you can use this video (thank you to Learn English with KT). It tells details about a typical day of a writer in London:

While watching the video together (this time, you could share your screen), stop the recording after every sentence and clarify what the verbs are and what the infinitive forms were. (Type them into the chat-box of your video-lesson.) There are questions about the video at the end, ask your student to answer these and check their accuracy.

Now, you can move onto Section 3 in the SUPERHERO WORKSHEET: your student needs to rewrite the sentences in third person singular. The exercise considers male and female superheroes, but it requires preciseness in copying all the details and also finishing the sentences with a period.
This part of the worksheets gets corrected after clicking on SUBMIT and VIEW SCORE.
After each transformed sentence, students are also asked ‘What time‘ their superhero does these things. Here every answer is accepted and you can skip these questions if you don’t want to talk about the time at this point.

After the feedback, you can ask your student to repeat orally how their superhero really spends a day (maybe he/she doesn’t wake up early or never cooks, etc.).


Finally ask your student to draw a picture story (comics) about his/her superhero. You can do it also on the screen with the mouse in a whiteboard extension (like Jamboard). While drawing, ask him/her to describe what are the things on the picture (e.g. This is the bathtub, this is the rubber duck, Spiderman is sitting in the bathtub. In his superhero outfit?! Yes.)

P.S.: You can use this drawing to teach present continuous in one of the coming lessons.


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